The unprecedent man
The unprecedent man
January 2013
Equal style opportunities. Liberty and creativity. Zanotti Man is a work-in-progress, an evolution. An unprecedented kind of man.

Never oppressed by tradition. He chooses. He's fashion forward. He's confident. He's playful. Because it's a game, after all, and he knows it.
Man and woman: parallel universes. The same charisma. There is one element in common: a warthog's tooth becomes a jewel to adorn the shoes. Like a golden fang

Call it the Loafer. Created for a Man. Worn by the French nobility, then by the English, and later acquired by the female domain. It is now returning to its origins, for modern days “Dandies”.
A single molded upper, padded and foldable, extremely comfortable. Snugger than a glove. There's the crocodile print version: luxurious, entirely hand brushed or the rich version of the loafer with the  hand embroider “tiger-print “ effect , or the more classic velvet and silk styles with a cascade of rhinestones as their tassels.

Transcending the classics. Laces, for example, are notably absent.  Where they do appear, they're decorative: the zipper is sufficient.

His Majesty the Sneaker's DNA is decidedly transversal, or better it is universal. Shape, detailing and proportion weave inspirations from male and female alike. And in Zanotti's hands these genes breed luxury footwear. The color pallet? Super gold. A truly supreme leather, a kind of gilded tinfoil, chromed metallic applications with the sheen of pure gold. Because the sneaker longs to be admired by night. Broad zips, soles in scented rubber, insoles in softest latex .
There is velvet with brass and metallic plaques details, that recall cross country bikers’ armor or with material that give an emery effect to finish with the aviator model designed in naturally tanned leather: the more you wear them, the more their shine matures from red to brown.

The grand finale delivered with a fanfare. Alongside the Beatles ankle-boot with bejeweled side elastics, stomps the 50s heel rock star boot: elongated last, ultra-slim on the ankle to go with skinny pants, in distressed shiny leather.

The Zanotti Homme Collection leaps ahead towards an unprecedented vision of Man elegance.