New store opening in Via Montenapoleone for Giuseppe Zanotti
New store opening in Via Montenapoleone for Giuseppe Zanotti
November 2012

Milan sees the opening of the brand new Giuseppe Zanotti Design flagship store. The Italian brand remains faithful to the fashion capital and to the centrally located Via Montenapoleone in the heart of the luxury shopping district.

The new store at number 8 follows the new design format developed by the Italian engineer Gianluca Bonini of Nuovostudio whose designs have already been successfully  applied to other boutiques like Venice, Dubai and Hong Kong. Top quality traditional materials like marble, lacquered wood and oxidized brass interplay cleverly with a contemporary aesthetic to create a finely balanced blend. The result is a modern feel that is in part softened by the gold colored brass. This clever mix of elements creates a refined and exclusive atmosphere.

The floor is reminiscent of neo-plasticism in the size and pattern of the marble slabs, while the boiserie covering reveals particular attention to finish details. In a seemingly random pattern, vertical elements in white lacquered wood of varying proportions create sensational play on light which heightens perception of the space. Lighting is another element that has not been left to chance, with lights used to endow the boutique with a sculpted, engaging look. The spectacular staging and experimental décor concept thus become distinguishing brand traits.

The brand's original store at number 22 Via Montenapoleone, meanwhile, is transformed into the first Pop-up Store and, at the same time, the first sales outlet for Giuseppe Zanotti Homme, the designer's latest line. It is an innovative project that brings together street fashion and metropolitan chic menswear. As the designer points out: “The sensual, harmonious lines of women's footwear have always represented the boundaries of my design world, my tradition. The world of sneakers, on the other hand, and the men's footwear line follow a different, more sweeping notion, which starts from the street and the Hip-Hop generation and extends all the way to exclusive evening shoes. From jeans to tuxedos”.

These two ideas are poles apart and simply too contradictory to sit side-by-side in the same setting. Which explains the idea of launching a store dedicated exclusively to this new kind of fashion concept.