F.W. 14-15
F.W. 14-15
February 2014

With a line that goes beyond the ordinary, Zanotti creates his own personal compilation. This eclectic collection embraces everything from shoes and bags to jewelry, accessories and clothing. A lady will find a creation for every occasion.

Golden glimmer, patent leather, laminated leather, electric blue and fuchsia touches— even crystals that morph into mirroring micro-studs—all tell us it's DISCO TIME! Shapes are full and short, and volumes are concentrated. Mid-height heels are back in the spotlight: 80-mm, 20-mm and the brand new 35-mm "kitten heels". It is a 1980s- feel complimented with zippers and buckles.

Black nappa leather and stretch lurex are combined to create shoes that feel like second skin. Thigh-high and ankle boots fit your leg like a glove. You just can't miss this footwear, with looks that span from bad biker to sophisticated and uber-glamorous. Zippers and external hardware add androgynous and innovative touches to this cutting edge collection.

This is the heart of the collection. Metal plating reigns supreme for both day and night. Sharp stilettos emerge in high-gloss and coated technical fabrics. Straps, buckles and velcro are everywhere. Golden pyramids shine bright against an all-black background. The new minimal, uber-modern mules are covered in crystals. Conservative meets opulence. And in eveningwear, as if by magic, gold leaf and 3D embroidery make for sandals that will wow you!!!

Glam everywhere. G#17, Giuseppe Zanotti's new signature bag arrives on the scene. Biker buckles and gold script of the designer’s name cut through the suede and leather material. It is offered in multiple styles including, totes, clutches and mini-shoulder bags with a gold chain.

Unisex, no-season global style. What's this season's hot new pick? GZ creates a mini-capsule clothing collection somewhere between the evening tracksuit and urban chic. Super soft black or red nappa leather is paired together with chains and finished off with gold details. The clothing is an extension of GZ footwear, borrowing aesthetics and materials from the collection. The all-new ultra-matte sneakers are the perfect complement to this look.

Shearling, fur and soft nappa leather—are the ingredients for fighting the big chill in the city with style. Sneakers are adorned with warm fur or ski boot closures. Winter ankle boots with natural para rubber bottoms and hand-sewn suede upper part stay true to the Zanotti style. The quality of the materials and keen eye for details are their distinguishing characteristic. Long, soft outerwear comes in camo or speckled versions—just right for keeping out the cold.

I'd like to thank Radiohead for having come with me on the journey that was this collection
Giuseppe Zanotti