Giuseppe Zanotti Design SS14 AD CAMPAIGN
Giuseppe Zanotti Design SS14 AD CAMPAIGN
December 2013

Summer, sun, sea, light. The Giuseppe Zanotti Design SS14 Ad Campaign toys precisely with these elements. It is a "set-non-set” where real life details play the lead, scattered almost as if by chance plainly against the backdrop.

Photographer Karim Sadli moves away from the ascetic, dreamy idea of the set to seek refuge in the warm climate of a sunny beach of the French Riviera or in the mysterious and desolated port that is Saint-Tropez. Seeming nonchalance becomes the will to capture the moment of a life lived.

The new face of the SS14 campaign belongs to Romanian model Andreea Diaconu, whose profound grace enhances the femininity and sex appeal of this Italian designer's creations.

The same mood is reflected in Zanotti Man. Once again, Italian model Paolo Anchisi stars in the picture for the SS 14 Men's line.