January 2014

Wide-ranging, multiform, versatile. The Giuseppe Homme 14-15 line becomes a full-fledged collection, broadening its outfit offering—and its horizons.

The 1980s are back. All at once, evening falls and Saturday night fever livens up the wardrobe by matching materials that are rarely paired and by playing with proportions. Zippers part seas of crystal, and fashion dives into the past.

But the foray doesn’t stop there—soft suede loafers and precious crystal embroidery are reminiscent of old American cartoon movie posters. Drops of colored light breathe life into faces and hands, animating stories. Innovation and sophistication flash before our eyes.

Biker shoes become evening-appropriate with uppers part bathed in silver lamé. Instead ankle boots go vintage featuring aged metal on heels, and scratched, worn leather. Gold detailing and tuxedo bows adorn the new full or tapered forms over 20 and 40 cm heels. Leather belts and straps spruce up the look for daywear. Rigor gives way to the fashionable, and the effect is explosive.

The sneakers are like canvases, blank pages of a never-ending story. We see them covered in soft, warm furs, clothed with new python prints, animated by color contrast or new jewelry. Recherché, versatile, unscrupulous, they are decked out in gold jewels, diamonds and matt black chains. The new “hiking-sky booties” make a real impact and are truly a must-have. The imagination knows no end.

The Zanotti man has a keen eye for detail and never forgets to pick the right accessories. Beauty-bags, hip-hop belts, maxi back-packs have a new take, so that every look is unique.