Super stylish Beyoncé
Super stylish Beyoncé
January 2014

In a surprise move, Beyoncé released her fifth studio album exclusively on iTunes last December 13th. It's a whole new recording project for the pop star: 14 tracks and 17 videos. Her goal is to team high-impact visuals with her trademark pop.

An innovative choice with image at its heart. Feminine, daring and confident - Beyoncé embodies the ideal that Giuseppe is inspired by.

Pretty Hurts, Yoncé, Jealous, Rocket. Four videos in which the American singer wears the Italian designer.

Teaming sensuality and refinement, the fiery red patent sandal with gold ankle strap worn in Jealous. Sexy, eye-catching pointed toe patent pump worn in Rocket. The all-black sandals appearing in Yoncé feature gold buckles for a rocky edge. A cascade of crystals covers the sky-high wedges with ankle strap also seen in the same video. For Pretty Hurts, maxi gold stars intersperse with black suede bands on jeweled sandals, while gold and silver meet patent in the shoe with rigid ankle strap.