Abu Dhabi sees the opening of its first Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutique
Abu Dhabi sees the opening of its first Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutique
September 2012
The first Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutique in Abu Dhabi opened on 17th August. After four sales points in Dubai, it is now the turn of the United Arab Emirates capital, a new major luxury hub. The focus on the Middle East is part of a vast expansion plan which will soon see the opening of a fifth sales point in Dubai in the brand new Shoe Emporium in the Dubai Mall.

The Abu Dhabi boutique has a highly strategic location: the exclusive Etihad Towers. This ultra-modern, high-end luxury mall complex is a veritable manifesto for the commercial and residential development transforming the city, underlining Abu Dhabi’s determination to become the key leisure centre of the whole Gulf region. The Ferrari theme park inside the Formula One racing circuit and the Louvre Museum scheduled to open soon, together with the Etihad Towers, are prime examples of this “revolution” sweeping the city.

The new sales point sports the same design concept as the existing Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutiques. Warm, refined colors are teamed with soft, clean lines for an exquisitely harmonious ensemble. Light plays an important role, reflecting off bronze fittings and the warm white furnishings. The central door and side windows flood the space with light whilst also affording an excellent view of the interior.

The atmosphere, carefully studied for an intimate feel, pays particular attention to the country’s specific cultural requirements. A particularly innovative feature is the inclusion of three VIP rooms. These small private areas, screened with sliding doors, guarantee privacy, which is an important customer requirement.